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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quixotic ACEO original by Rusty Harden

A romance of impractical ideas
2 1/2"  x 3 1/2"
acrylic ink
Rusty Harden

For the Henry Family


Vesuvius ACEO original Rusty Harden

(The internal struggles of the Earth)
2 1/2"  x 3 1/2"
acrylic ink
Rusty Harden


Hawk and the Serpent original by Rusty Harden

The Hawk and the Serpent
Bibelot Series
4 1/4"  x 8"
Rusty Harden

"Tree of Forgotten Knowledge" original Rusty Harden

"Tree of  Forgotten Knowledge"
Bibelot Series
4"  x 5" 
Rusty Harden

Red Tailed Hawk ACEO Watercolor by Rusty Harden

Red-Tailed Hawk
ACEO (Artist Trading Card)
2 1/2"  x 31/2"
Rusty Harden

For the Henry Family


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peonies watercolor by Rusty Harden

20"  x 14"
Rusty Harden

For the Henry Family


"untitled" acrylic ink by Rusty Harden

8" x 10" 
acrylic ink
Rusty Harden

For the Henry Family


Poppies Watercolor by Rusty Harden

Tipp Flowers - Poppies on Dow Street
11"  x 14"  
Rusty Harden

For the Henry Family


Pigeon Point Lighthouse acrylic by Rusty Harden

Pigeon Point Lighthouse (South of San Fransisco)
14" x 18" wrapped canvas
Rusty Harden

For the Henry Family


Trillium watercolor by Rusty Harden

8 1/2"  x 5 3/4"
Watercolor on Manuscript Vellum
Rusty Harden
$10.00 ($2.00 shipping)

Classic Female Figure acrylic by Rusty Harden

"Classic Female  Figure"
9"  x 13"
Acrylic on HP Paper
Rusty Harden
$45.00 (custom mat) ($3.00 Shipping)

For the Henry Family

"Snow Queen" mixed media by Rusty Harden

"Snow Queen"
8"  x 10"
mixed media
Rusty Harden


For the Henry Family


Thank you!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Experience the Color"
Jim Delange/Rusty Harden
Jim's beautiful blown glass has been paired with Rusty's
vibrant paintings for an exhibit at
Studio 14 Benkin's Gallery of Fine Art
Tipp City,  Ohio
until January 8th, 2013

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The "Golden Eagle" Outside of my Box

Golden Eagle Statue
Rusty Harden

Most of my artwork is organic in subject but always on paper or canvas.
When Tony came into the gallery (Studio 14) and asked about
painting this concrete eagle I knew I could do it.  

Sure  it is outside of my usual box but what the heck....

The best part was when Tony picked up this big boy up.  His eyes gleamed and my heart soared
when he said, "G i r l, oh my God, that is better than I expected!"

I love my job.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Plein Air-A New Adventure in Watercolor

Garden Tomatoes
Alla Prima 
6" x 6"
(includes custom 12" x 12" mat)

I've always been more of a "studio" artist.  I take my photographs and studies into
the studio and workout my paintings before I begin.  This has served me well.
When the opportunity came up to take a plein air workshop with Christopher Leeper 
at Studio 14 I saw an opportunity to expand my experience and perhaps improve
 on my scenery painting.  So I headed out with my watercolor supplies and easel to
 practice painting  "plein air" before the actual workshop.  It was a challenge.

Challenge, true, but an enjoyable  as I experienced the panoramic view, sounds and smells,
the frustration of changing light and distilling information.  Yea, I needed the workshop.
One afternoon (before the workshop) I really wanted to feel that I had accomplished
a painting.   
So limiting my view to a garden spot, and sitting on a case with my pallet 
on the ground I painted these glorious tomatoes.  I loved the smell of the plants as
the breeze drifted over the garden, felt the heat of the sun bare down on my back and 
kept an eye on a huge yellow and black spider in a web that was about 2 feet wide.

All in all, I painted six different landscapes and one garden tomatoe.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  Chris was a really good teacher with a relaxed manner.
I appreciated the information on capturing shapes and values.  The most valuable reminder as 
a watercolor painter was to go warm before considering the cools.  

I think when I pack up my
supplies to head out to paint plein air at the October Paint Out in Tipp City on the 20th I will
be a more confident painter.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Tipp Flowers" Series RustyHarden

"Peony Tree On Main Street"
11 x 14

I spend a lot of time in Tipp City, Ohio.  I work in the gallery there, shop and support community activities when I can.  The small town is a destination for dining, shopping, and artisan shops.  Then there is my favorite location, Studio 14 Art Gallery (no surprise there).

As I drove through the streets, I appreciated the lovely diverse flower gardens.  So I decided to paint the "Tipp Flowers"  Series.  I'm almost finished with the paintings of the spring flowers and will shortly begin to paint the summer flowers.  These will include, day lilies and cone flowers!!

They are currently available at (yep, you guessed it) Studio 14, 14 E Main Street

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sun Art Aired on CBS Sunday Morning July 8, 2012

"Crimson Journey"
17 1/2"  x 13 1/2"
Acrylic Ink and Oil
$500.00 (includes custom mat & shipping)

I smile as I share the news that my painting aired on CBS Sunday Morning on July 8th.  Smiling because they
included it after a segment about the heat wave that has gripped a large part of the states this summer.  I'm not sure that I'd really want  people to remember it because of our extreme temperatures.  

Oh well,  it does glow.  Although we expect the sun to be stationary, I created this one to suggest it has but one way to go.  Amazing how our mood influences the art.  I was feeling the heat of a particular difficult  situation.

I actually painted it working at Studio 14 Gallery.  People would stop to observe for a while.   This is when I met a very talented Artist by the name Ben Fry.  Hes is an incredible watercolor artist and I thoroughly enjoyed see his work some weeks later.  The journey continues...and its good.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Artist Reception Rusty Harden July 13 4 - 7

"Gentle Release" is one of the 42 original paintings that are on Exhibit in the Lobby Gallery of the Fifth Third Center downtown in Dayton.  The 42 paintings are of four different styles and mediums.  It is unusual for me to exhibit the different styles together.  It works here because of the amazing layout of this fabulous lobby.

When Arlene called and invited me to exhibit in the Lobby Gallery, I decided the timing is perfect.  It has been ten years since I decided to start an art business and this year has been full of exciting events, classes, and I've created work that I am very proud to show.

The last time I had art work in downtown Dayton it was at the CADC.  I liked the constant activity that Christy was bringing to the gallery.  Sometimes life changes happen and the wise adjust.  Trying to live wisely, I made the adjustments and later reemerged at Studio 14 Gallery in Tipp City.  I'm loving the gallery work there and a full schedule of classes.

Also exhibiting artwork at Wombat Art Gallery in Waynesville, I'd say I'm busy.

Its the right time to celebrate all of the my efforts, supporters and friends.  And Downtown Dayton is the place to do it.  Hope there is a big turn out.

Thank you to everyone.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Acorn and Oak Leaf Watercolor ACEO original by Rusty Harden

Acorns and Oak Leaf
2 1/2"  x 3 1/2"
Rusty Harden

This painting was created for the "Oxymoron"  Challenge
I chose-Living Dead
Seed Pods look dead but they carry the life of the forest in them.
Sometimes I just like to work on small pieces

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Trillium" ACEO original watercolor painting by Rusty Harden

ACEO  2 1/2  x 3 1/2
Rusty Harden

With this warm weather it won't be long before the trillium are in bloom.  Last Spring my Wednesday morning art group met at Studio 14 Gallery's owner, Evelyn Staub's home.  Behind her lovely home is a woodland area which was thick with blooming trillium.  Fellow artist, Sonnie, even spotted a knodding trillium.  Even though I captured several wonderful references for painting on my camera, I find myself in great anticpation at returning again this year.  I had time to sketch some studies last year.  Perhaps my schedule will allow me to actually paint them "plien aire". 

When I painted this one on Sunday afternoon,  my mind went back to that day.  I think that is one of the wonderful reasons to go out and experience the nature we strive to capture in our art.  Did I mention the flowers that led to my life of crime??  Well, that's another post. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Red Tailed Hawk" ACEO original by Rusty Harden

"Red Tailed Hawk"
ACEO 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Original Watercolor Painting
Rusty Harden

The Red Tailed Hawk is one of the wildlife ambassadors at the Brukner Nature Center, Troy, Ohio.

We are reminded that we share this planet with other amazing living creatures and what we do or do not often has an impact on their very survival.  Education is the key.  The proceeds of this sale will go to Brukner Nature Center, directly.

Monday, March 5, 2012

"Return to Oz" Mixed Media Painting By Rusty Harden

"The Wizard's Ball"
14"  x 20 1/2"
pen, colored pencil, watecolor
arches hotpress paper

Inspired by Ray Shuell's painting
of Dylan's song, "Desolation Row"
I couldn't help but to create some additional lyrics:
Down on Desolation Row" War on Fairytales Rusty Harden
I’ll call my friend Alice
who has left her Wonderland.
Her heart had shrunk with malice
When the rabbit took the stand.

The Queen is yelling from the tower
“Off with her head.”, you know.
Alice and I have the circus to see
Down on Desolation Row

Dorothy climbed the vortex wall
to get to the ruby shoes
Tinman plays the Wizard’s Ball
singing the cryptic blues

Glenda had her bubble burst
and is married to the Scarecrow
Both have an endless thirst
that leads to Desolation Row

Christopher is a slumlord
Cares only about the rent
Eeyore always knew the score
Found himself a tent

Tigger’s got a girlfriend
Now he’s not the only one
Poo lives around the bend
His honeypot is gone

Once a family, but who knew
How’d the story go
Piglet warms a rabbit stew
Down on Desolation Row

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Cuppa Joe" CBS Sun Art by RustyHarden

"Cuppa Joe"
8"  x 8"
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Isn't it funny how we collect coffee mugs with all kinds of pictures on them.  When did that begin?  Who thought up that incredible marketing idea?  I don't personally have a collection but I enjoy looking at the variety when I'm shopping, especially at a tourist trap.  They have the best mugs, don't you think?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Available Now 2012 The Artist Challenge Sun Art Calendar

Enjoy this Beautiful Collection of Sun Art created for The Artist Challenge and CBS Sunday Morning Show.
(This Calendar features a tribute to the Sun Art of the late Vikki North, creator of The Artist Challenge)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unexpected Adventures

Sometimes you just find yourself somewhere you never expected to land.

I think a tornado just picked me up and put me down in the land of The Artist Challenge

and The Pub

Let me start at the beginning; A couple of years ago, I submitted artwork on an online site that challenged the artists to create work based on bi-weekly themes. I benefitted by producing artwork that would otherwise not be created and I enjoyed the additional online presents. Occasionally, I engaged in some friendly banter and gleaned tidbits about successful online promotion in the artist forum.

I consider myself a serious artist who doesn't take herself "too seriously". I love my job. I create art, I teach art, I mentor those who would be artists and I co-own a company that makes artist acrylic paints. (I do more but who really cares?)

In December when the owner/creator of The Artist Challenge, Vikki North, courageously faced death with an unexpected health crisis. I recieved an email with the request that I should keep her vision alive by becoming the owner and the moderator of The Artist Challenge. As I tossed about the decision, Vikki took aim and said that there was little time remaining, that I should pee or get off the pot. (Actually, her words were more to the effect, "I have little time left. Go ahead and do it, you can always close down the site later if you decide it isn't for you".

Did she choose wisely? I don't know.

Vikki North died January 31, 2012. I was able to honor her by creating a gallery of her "Challenge" work Vikki North and with submission of loyal artists get the first gallery of the year "Show Us What You've Got" posted before her passing.

The Annual Sun Art Gallery (One of Vikki's pride and joys) 2012 Sun Art was posted last week.

(I wish she could have viewed it. I am so proud of the artist participation.)

I have been so busy trying to figure out the bells and whistles behind the scene, assuring artists that I will work to make the site a viable platform for their artwork and laying a foundation to keep Vikki's ship sailing that I failed to mourn her passing. It hit me today. (Loss is like that, it sneaks up on the one who is trying tokeep the stuff going.)

I told Vikki that I would do my best...and I will.

Its time for me to add my goodbye to the others. Somehow I can't do it on her memorial gallery.

She was closer to so many others, I sometimes suspect that she really meant to email someone else about
keeping the challenge going.

Too late now, I said "yes".

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cherry Cordial Cupcakes in Watercolor

"Gossip Girls"
Rusty Harden

I think I was a little tired of setting up still life arrangements of flowers for my Wednesday morning art class.  I wanted something different for interest and challenge.  There is a cupcake shop across the street from the gallery.  What I had in mind at the time were some cute colorful cupcakes and some candies to make a fun painting.  Instead,  I couldn't resist the Cherry Cordial Chocolate Cupcakes!!! 

So we painted them.  As the day went on, we gradually ate them up!  What a fun subject.  I enjoyed painting the paper on the cupcake most.  It is translucent and has great texture to try capture.