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Friday, December 25, 2009

What is an ACEO?

What is an ACEO?

ACEO stands for “Art Cards, Editions and Originals” …a specific “size” of artwork measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches in either Portrait or Landscape orientation …based on the Artist Trading Cards and other collectable cards.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Creating the iIlustration for "Is Whispering Nothing?"

I don't really start with an image in mind. I just begin to draw while reflecting on a story I have created .

The cup obviously is from the coffee reference in the introduction.

At first, I thought the crack in the center was her breaking from reality during her imaginary drama. Actually it illustrates the two hemispheres and having a civil war in her own head.

The drawing as a whole is a woman's bodice with fabric being woven together to cover over the secrets she had hoped to keep hidden.
An Opened Secret by Rusty Harden
An aroma of the dark brew led me to the warm kitchen. It’s kind of a shame to take that first sip as it often breaks the spell. Speaking of spells, I wonder what came over me last night that I would share my secret with the likes of Petra. She’s only worked with us for a couple of months. I know she promised to never repeat it but if I can’t keep my own secret then why would I believe she could. What if she tells the others at the office? No, she doesn’t seem like the type....
Its nearly break time, so far so good. No ones seems to be any different towards...did Casey just give me a odd look as she came out of Petra’s office? Why was she in there anyway? Oh come on, don’t be silly, there could be any number of reasons for Casey to be in that office. I’ll just ask her if she wants to have lunch together and then I’ll see that all is fine....
Casey loves the Greek restaurant and I don’t remember her ever turning down a lunch invitation to go there. I’ve had to come here alone just so that she and Petra wouldn’t know that I suspect they’ve talked about me. Why did I tell Petra? Okay, I’ll just go back to the office and act like nothing is wrong. Maybe nothing is wrong and I am imagining things....
Somebody has moved things around on my desk. What were they looking for, evidence? Like there would be something to find here. They must be kidding. Norma and Val are watching me. I bet while I was at lunch alone, Casey took that opportunity to tell everybody. Casey would. She would think it was her obligation to inform the others so they’d be able to “watch their backs” . She’s the Great Office Guardian!
I’ve tried so hard to get a fresh start, to move on, to leave the past in the past. Is that too much to ask? I’ve been leading a good life, not hurting anybody. Doesn’t a girl deserve a chance? Why couldn’t Casey just understand that and LEAVE ME ALONE. Oh great, now Casey is talking to my supervisor. I know she’s telling her, she’s always wanted my job. That’s why she can’t leave me alone, SHE WANTS MY JOB. Well, she won’t get it. I will stop her before I let her ruin me. Oh, I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

Monday, December 14, 2009

When A Painting Decides What It Wants To Be

"Jumped the Line"
Liquid Acrylics
Submitted for The Artist Challenge: Beyond Bounderies.
It was one of those rare studio days that I planned to just relax and enjoy the process of "what if" (I think Trish McKinney was the first to take me down the "what if" path). Keeping in mind my current series of the Rhythms of the Earth (abstracted mineral paintings), I thought about the layers of the warm earth that protects these treasures. So collecting the warm yellows, earth red, and browns, I poured the colors. At the end of the day when the pieces were dry and ready to be uncovered (some were as earthy and beautiful as I had hoped) this painting had others plans, a conflagration, both frightening as it is mesmerizing. Do I take credit for its creation, a little. The painting itself is what it had decided to be.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Writer's Challenge "Shifting Shadows"

Drawing by Rusty Harden

Shifting Shadows
Rusty Harden

Some people fear the dark
And all that it conceals.
I have come to fear the light
With the horror that it reveals

Catching a glimpse of It out of the corner of my eye, I would quickly turn my head but like a wisp of a scent it would be gone. After a while, I could sense Its presence and beckon it to stay. What a delightful time we would have together. To amuse me, It would match my every move dancing for hours in the afternoon sun.

My old friendships fell by the wayside as It became my constant companion. Perfectly content until I began to notice slight changes in Its appearance. I had a feeling of a veiled malice brewing. Rather than becoming afraid I was intrigued. I felt so alive embracing the fear and the attraction. A duality of pleasure in watching It take on an overpowering grotesque and beautiful form.

Until, It showed its malignant intention. TERRIFIED with sickening realization, I ran, looking back to see It at my heels. I ran into the darkness - deep into the darkness- where I fell on my knees, horrified and gasping for breath.

Now, I just stay in the safety of my dimly lit room with the curtains pulled, no television or computer for fear It may find me. I can hear the voices in the hall. From the other side of my door I heard the new attendant ask about me, “What’s wrong with her?”. The floor nurse mockingly answered, “She’s afraid of her shadow”.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sold Three Floral Paintings

Wildflower Original Paintings


Every summer the lovely flowers pop along side roads

and planted in many flower beds.

These three just sold from my other Etsy shop


Just Sold

Just the Right Moment

8" x 10"

Acrylic Inks

Purchased yesturday from my etsy shop

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rhythms of the Earth-Abstract Mineral Paintings

Rhythms of the Earth
6"x 6"
Acrylic Ink on HP Arches 140lb
Small but dynamic works of art. These make a powerful statement as one or a grouping.
The counterpart to my mineral artistry. These paintings capture the engergy of the earth's treasures by abstracting the minerals and other natural elements of the earth in color and movement.
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Mineral Painting Danburite Crystal


12"x 16"

Oil Painting

Prints Available

This is , for the moment, my favorite of the mineral paintings. I was honored when it was selected to be included in a juried art show at the Viseral Gallery in Centerville, OH. The minereal specimen is so balanced in its formation that it was a joy to capture it in the painting.

The debut of the mineral paintings was at the 2009 Geofair in Cincinnati, OH. Since then the interest generated by the mineral paintings continues to grow. I have really appreciated the collectors who have generously lent me their own specimen to paint.

If interested in purchasing this painting or print please contact me through this blog for additional information.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Writing Challenge "Winter of Our Discontent"

"Broken Wings"
Drawing by Rusty Harden

More Glorious by Rusty Harden

The hikers kept pace as they passed by her, offering a greeting. Responding with a nod and brief eye contact, she turned back to lean over the rail of the bridge. Below, a gorge cut deep by centuries of eroding elements like a crusty wound in the earth that never fully healed. The air smelled of dampness and decaying foliage. She breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly. “Get on with it”, she spoke out loud, surprised how commanding her own voice sounded. Tentatively she opened the cloth bag that held her treasures. Reaching in she pulled out her Cinderella watch. The blue band was cracked and worn. Her grandfather had given it to her. One of the few times anyone had ever given her anything. Closing her eyes, she threw the watch fast and hard. She opened her eyes and looked around to see if anyone had watched her. In a moment of panic she searched to find where it had landed. It was gone as if it had never existed.Next she took out an old newspaper clipping with her name among other winners of an essay contest. (A shining moment for a dumb girl.) Letting it loose, the clipping floated down as a leaf dropping from a tree. She watched as it rested as insignificantly as the other debris.And so she flung her other treasures one by one down into the gorge. The last one she held tightly. “Get on with it. Get on with it”, her voice urged. She noticed it was heavy with her worthlessness, plundered innocence and despairs. Consoling herself, “It will be over soon.”That afternoon several hikers had passed by but did not notice the broken body below. The following morning, a couple of hikers crossed over the bridge. One had peered over the rail and called to her companion, “Look! Someone dropped a doll down there.”

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