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Monday, February 3, 2014

Thinking About Me, Rusty, Today

I spend the majority of the time thinking about, working on, chasing after some aspect of my “art business”. I appreciate and get a great deal of pleasure from my students, I think about them a lot.  (I’m leaving the links out here, this is about me)

While it is hard to separate me from the artist, which expands to the business, I think that sometimes I forget about, Rusty.  I appreciate that my artwork has given “voice” to the inner self that I probably couldn’t figure out how to express, otherwise.  Recently, I was sharing with some friends that there was a time that I really believed that I was a dumb person.  I chose to look at life with different glasses and one day....I knew I wasn’t dumb, at all.  I may not have known to know some things but that is not the true gauge, is it?  

 For my life as an artist but first as a person,  I am grateful for the other things I’ve learned by  looking through different glasses:

   I  was born to have a voice.

   Success and failure is part of the same journey, they don’t have to be different roads.

   Some people and opportunities might not be “bad” but they may be “bad” for me.

   I appreciate that I am able to contribute positive bits to other people’s live.

   I appreciate that other people contribute positive bits to my life.

I am so grateful that there are artists, poets, and dreamers among us.  They fill me up with inspiration and wonderful reminders to not get closed in and bogged down.  

Working hard is vital but just as vital is knowing which direction to work.  Its been a challenge and an adventure to figure that one out. (I’m always making adjustments here)

Dreams do come true but I have to remember that I didn’t get them alone