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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quote Inspired Art Original Drawing Rusty Harden

 “What the Days…”
Pen and Ink
 5′ x 7″

I have a series of work in pen called "Bibelot".  A definition for Bibelot is a small object of curiosity or beauty.  Another definition, a miniature book.  

I think that describes my Bibelot  series.  The work is relatively small compared to my other work in watermedia or oil paintings.  Each is entirely an intuitive piece of artwork.  My subconscious allows me to express the  innermost latent mood in my soul.  

This pen drawing "What the Days..."  was inspired by the quote "The years tell us what the days never knew".  I jotted the quote onto the page and just allowed myself to draw without plan.  The connected images surprised me as much as intrigued me.  Like  the image of  a child's toy perhaps put away in an attic is suspended from the top of a man in a vest's hat.; from his feet images in the heap on the floor.  I feel like the man in the vest represents the "years" connecting the days from the past to the sum of the years. 

I have learned not to believe that this one day defines me or my experiences.  It does take years to see that there is a big picture that evolves as I add days to my life.  Years are made up of a lot of days....  

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sun Art Exhibit at Studio 14, Tipp City, Ohio

Sun Art Exhibit
now through October 20, 2013

All of the Sun Artwork is in the library of the CBS Sunday Morning News program.  Many of
 these and others posted in the four annual Sun Art Theme Challenges that are in the 
online gallery Art Challenge Gallery have actually aired on the popular program.

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