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Monday, December 14, 2009

When A Painting Decides What It Wants To Be

"Jumped the Line"
Liquid Acrylics
Submitted for The Artist Challenge: Beyond Bounderies.
It was one of those rare studio days that I planned to just relax and enjoy the process of "what if" (I think Trish McKinney was the first to take me down the "what if" path). Keeping in mind my current series of the Rhythms of the Earth (abstracted mineral paintings), I thought about the layers of the warm earth that protects these treasures. So collecting the warm yellows, earth red, and browns, I poured the colors. At the end of the day when the pieces were dry and ready to be uncovered (some were as earthy and beautiful as I had hoped) this painting had others plans, a conflagration, both frightening as it is mesmerizing. Do I take credit for its creation, a little. The painting itself is what it had decided to be.


Ponderer said...

Hi Rusty,
Tis hard to believe this is a painting! I look at it and feel I'm peering thru a thicket at a bonfire. Cheryl :)

Rogue said...

Hot, hot, hot Rusty! I love it!

Rusty said...

Thanks guys. Its not often we get a chance to create something so interesting by accident. I'm amazed.