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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Writer's Challenge "Shifting Shadows"

Drawing by Rusty Harden

Shifting Shadows
Rusty Harden

Some people fear the dark
And all that it conceals.
I have come to fear the light
With the horror that it reveals

Catching a glimpse of It out of the corner of my eye, I would quickly turn my head but like a wisp of a scent it would be gone. After a while, I could sense Its presence and beckon it to stay. What a delightful time we would have together. To amuse me, It would match my every move dancing for hours in the afternoon sun.

My old friendships fell by the wayside as It became my constant companion. Perfectly content until I began to notice slight changes in Its appearance. I had a feeling of a veiled malice brewing. Rather than becoming afraid I was intrigued. I felt so alive embracing the fear and the attraction. A duality of pleasure in watching It take on an overpowering grotesque and beautiful form.

Until, It showed its malignant intention. TERRIFIED with sickening realization, I ran, looking back to see It at my heels. I ran into the darkness - deep into the darkness- where I fell on my knees, horrified and gasping for breath.

Now, I just stay in the safety of my dimly lit room with the curtains pulled, no television or computer for fear It may find me. I can hear the voices in the hall. From the other side of my door I heard the new attendant ask about me, “What’s wrong with her?”. The floor nurse mockingly answered, “She’s afraid of her shadow”.
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