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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Trillium" ACEO original watercolor painting by Rusty Harden

ACEO  2 1/2  x 3 1/2
Rusty Harden

With this warm weather it won't be long before the trillium are in bloom.  Last Spring my Wednesday morning art group met at Studio 14 Gallery's owner, Evelyn Staub's home.  Behind her lovely home is a woodland area which was thick with blooming trillium.  Fellow artist, Sonnie, even spotted a knodding trillium.  Even though I captured several wonderful references for painting on my camera, I find myself in great anticpation at returning again this year.  I had time to sketch some studies last year.  Perhaps my schedule will allow me to actually paint them "plien aire". 

When I painted this one on Sunday afternoon,  my mind went back to that day.  I think that is one of the wonderful reasons to go out and experience the nature we strive to capture in our art.  Did I mention the flowers that led to my life of crime??  Well, that's another post. 

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