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Monday, March 5, 2012

"Return to Oz" Mixed Media Painting By Rusty Harden

"The Wizard's Ball"
14"  x 20 1/2"
pen, colored pencil, watecolor
arches hotpress paper

Inspired by Ray Shuell's painting
of Dylan's song, "Desolation Row"
I couldn't help but to create some additional lyrics:
Down on Desolation Row" War on Fairytales Rusty Harden
I’ll call my friend Alice
who has left her Wonderland.
Her heart had shrunk with malice
When the rabbit took the stand.

The Queen is yelling from the tower
“Off with her head.”, you know.
Alice and I have the circus to see
Down on Desolation Row

Dorothy climbed the vortex wall
to get to the ruby shoes
Tinman plays the Wizard’s Ball
singing the cryptic blues

Glenda had her bubble burst
and is married to the Scarecrow
Both have an endless thirst
that leads to Desolation Row

Christopher is a slumlord
Cares only about the rent
Eeyore always knew the score
Found himself a tent

Tigger’s got a girlfriend
Now he’s not the only one
Poo lives around the bend
His honeypot is gone

Once a family, but who knew
How’d the story go
Piglet warms a rabbit stew
Down on Desolation Row


angelself said...

very cool! =) Kathryn

Rusty said...

Thanks, Kathryn