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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unexpected Adventures

Sometimes you just find yourself somewhere you never expected to land.

I think a tornado just picked me up and put me down in the land of The Artist Challenge

and The Pub

Let me start at the beginning; A couple of years ago, I submitted artwork on an online site that challenged the artists to create work based on bi-weekly themes. I benefitted by producing artwork that would otherwise not be created and I enjoyed the additional online presents. Occasionally, I engaged in some friendly banter and gleaned tidbits about successful online promotion in the artist forum.

I consider myself a serious artist who doesn't take herself "too seriously". I love my job. I create art, I teach art, I mentor those who would be artists and I co-own a company that makes artist acrylic paints. (I do more but who really cares?)

In December when the owner/creator of The Artist Challenge, Vikki North, courageously faced death with an unexpected health crisis. I recieved an email with the request that I should keep her vision alive by becoming the owner and the moderator of The Artist Challenge. As I tossed about the decision, Vikki took aim and said that there was little time remaining, that I should pee or get off the pot. (Actually, her words were more to the effect, "I have little time left. Go ahead and do it, you can always close down the site later if you decide it isn't for you".

Did she choose wisely? I don't know.

Vikki North died January 31, 2012. I was able to honor her by creating a gallery of her "Challenge" work Vikki North and with submission of loyal artists get the first gallery of the year "Show Us What You've Got" posted before her passing.

The Annual Sun Art Gallery (One of Vikki's pride and joys) 2012 Sun Art was posted last week.

(I wish she could have viewed it. I am so proud of the artist participation.)

I have been so busy trying to figure out the bells and whistles behind the scene, assuring artists that I will work to make the site a viable platform for their artwork and laying a foundation to keep Vikki's ship sailing that I failed to mourn her passing. It hit me today. (Loss is like that, it sneaks up on the one who is trying tokeep the stuff going.)

I told Vikki that I would do my best...and I will.

Its time for me to add my goodbye to the others. Somehow I can't do it on her memorial gallery.

She was closer to so many others, I sometimes suspect that she really meant to email someone else about
keeping the challenge going.

Too late now, I said "yes".


Holly Sternquist / Vikki North's daughter said...

Thank you for everything you've done to keep my mom's vision of the Challenge alive. You're awesome! And thank you so much for your friendship both the friendship you shared with her and the friendship I feel that we've built.
<3 Holls

Keith Thue said...

Rusty, well, we your loyal art followers care. I think it is evident from the response that yes, she picked right. Also I would like to add so sorry to hear about her passing. Thank you for being you and letting this vision continue.