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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Preview of New Mineral Painting, Youngite Mineral

(Youngite is an agatized brecciated jasper from an area near Hartville, Wyoming)
Mineral Painting
Rusty Harden
11" x 14"
I am showing the Youngite painting this weekend at the Rock Show.
Sponsored byBrukner Gem and Rock Club,
Miami County Fairgrounds North End on 25-A, Troy Ohio .
April 24, 2110 and April 25, 2010
Along with the Youngite painting, the other new paintings of Wolfenite and Crocoit will be on exhibit. I am proud to add these three to my series of mineral paintings.
New this year and available for purchase will be: Limited Edition Prints, Limited Edition Show Posters, Note Cards and Postcards.
Look for next week's announcement!!!

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LceeL said...

Wow. I like that a lot.