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Friday, April 16, 2010

Original Watercolor
5" x 7"

In the spirit of actually painting, daily, I painted today.
There is something about poppies that I find enchanting. I am always amazed that these lovely red blooms, who look right at you with their dark centers, are held up by the thinnest of stems. Whenever a breeze passes by them, they sway just a little.
I call it the "poppy" dance.

These will be a series: Let's Be Poppies

Rusty Harden Dayton Ohio USA


LceeL said...

The Art isn't visible - the link is broken.

cheryl said...

ooooooo poppies! Their petals remind me of crepe paper. Lovely Rusty

Rusty said...


They do look like crepe paper.

Its crazy how alien like the buds look just before they open up to this lovely crepe paper bloom.


Rusty said...


Thank you for letting me know. Fom my site it was there. I'll get this posting skill down.

LceeL said...

I'm glad I can see them now - they're lovely.