A Brush With Rusty
A Brush With Life

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5" x 7"
Painted for themed challenge: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
August of 2008, I had been on a walk. I really do enjoy what we call weeds.
What makes us admire one plant as a flower and another a weed?
In general, we apply a similar formula to people.
Back to the thistle and the butterfly, there he was on this thistle that offered him so little.
A resting place, at most. Sometimes our needs are that basic. Maybe he needed more, who is to know? But the thistle is what it is. At its end, an amazing structure that captures the late afternoon sunlight. If I were a butterfly maybe I'd want to touch it too. Okay, I'm not a butterfly and I always want to touch them.
This original painting is for sale and prints can be ordered.


NicoleB said...

That's a beautiful piece of art!
I love the colours and the detail!

Rusty said...

Thank you Nicole.

You know what surprises me about this finished piece? Is how soft and delicate the feeling of the painting is.
Especially in view of what we know the thistle at this stage of its life feels like.

I just realized this today. Thanks for commenting and giving me a chance to see it this way today.