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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Description of April Watercolor Workshop

Have you always wanted to see if you would like watercolors? Do you already paint with watercolors but feel that
you missed something basic along the way? Would you like to understand some basic construction of a painting that will enhance your creative expression? Do you just want to join us?

I have set up a two afternoon workshop. The first afternoon we will consider basics about watercolor paints and its relationship with water and paper. I will demonstrate foreground, middle ground, back ground; composition, and focal point (can be applied to any medium). We will paint the bold colorful leaves in the posted workshop announcement with a step by step demonstration.

The second afternoon, we will paint an iris. The selection of this floral allows us to glaze colors on the thin delicate flower petals and the thick opaque stalks and buds. You will be introduced to a number of common watercolor painting techniques to complete this subject. Step by Step Demonstration

All of the demonstrations of techniques is design to respect your personal style.

$50.00 for both afternoons.

**Watercolor supplies can be a little costly. IF you are interested in taking the class but not quite ready to invest in the supplies, I will supply the paper and the paints for an additional $15.00 which must be paid by April 3rd. You will need a couple of specific brushes. Once you are registered I will send out a materials list.

April 10,11
1 - 4
Studio 14 (Loft)
14 Main St.
Tipp City, OH

For questions email me: abrushwithrusty@msn.com


Caio Fernandes said...

it seems great !
i never work with watercolor because i didn't use to have control of it when i tried .

Rusty said...

I had the same issue. I owned a nice set of watercolors for about five years before I took a community class. I had the right instructor for me, the rest his history.

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