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Monday, March 15, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning Sun Art

10" x 14"
mixed media
"Cheshire Sun" Is Now Part of the CBS Sunday Morning Library
Watch for it to air on one of their segments.

This painting is available for purchase.

To view the other submissions of the 2010 CBS Sun Art Challenge
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Rusty said...

Starting bid will need to be $100.00

Rusty said...

I just received this email from a friend of mine who supports the need to care for feral and abandoned cats:

My kitties are all rescues and I have to say, they are the best, most grateful pets I've ever had. I've had involvement with the Feral Cat Association in our area which works pretty closely with all the rescue centers. So, it's a subject close to my heart. Please forgive while I spout for a moment:

I don't think most people realize what 'feral cats' are or where they come from. BRACE YOURSELF: You see strays around shopping centers, grocery stores or pawing through you garbage . You might say, "Hi Kitty," walk by and not think a thing of it.

Feral cats (strays) actually come from ONLY two sources : The owner's abandonment of their pet when they move away or the owner's lack of neutering their household pets that then dumps their litter in a neighbor's yard. Frequently the owner doesn't even realize their cat has had kittens.

A lot of people think- when they can't keep their animal anymore, rather than taking a pet to the humane society, it's kinder to turn an animal loose and 'he'll go back to the wild'. Unfortunately they don't. Domestic cats don't know how to protect or feed themselves. Most of them die within days due to starvation.

Even more shocking the average life expectancy of a cat 'born feral' is about 3 years. They die due to disease, predators, poisonings or being hit by cars.

I knooooow. Its awful thing to think about but the truth is ugly. That's the reason rescue centers are such an important and deserving charity. They deal with this daily. They work closely with the humane society to save these precious little creatures and find them homes.

BTW- all communities today have programs where you can get your cats neutered and spayed for 'free.' Just check with your local humane society.

Rusty said...

Through Tenth Life, we were able to get a feral female (Lady Grey) spayed. While we don't mind being sure she's fed and has a cat house to sleep in during the coldest of weather, it was our moral obligation to be sure she didn't have any more litters of kittens.

We appreciate the low cost they charged to help us do the right thing.

Help them to continue to do the right thing with your donations.

Mary Sonya Conti said...

Congratulations on your work being viewed via CBS SUNDAY MORNING SHOW RUSTY!!!!