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Friday, January 8, 2010

Naming Abstract ACEOs

"Quixotic" ACEO

A romance of impractical ideas

Naming pieces of artwork of any type has always been a challenge for me. Unless there some extraordinary connection to a piece I often resorted to some gratuitous name. I found that names come easier if I have determined the story or purpose for the paintings early on in the creative process.

As for non-object or abstract paintings the story comes when the piece is finished. Now I live with the artwork. Whether a large painting or a miniature ACEO, I notice my emotional response to see the piece. I take pictures of them and view them in a slideshow, hang them on my wall, and sometimes carry it in my DayRunner. Recently, I have been enjoying having my friend, Linda, look at the ACEOs with me. One of us will start a thought and then we volley it between us. Each time the idea comes clearer and often profound . As in the title, Quixotic.

Quixotic comes from Don Quixote, the hero of Cervantes's novel. He was inpsire by lofty even chivalrous ideas but completely unrealizable.

The ACEO was full of colors that reminded us of romantic or idealistic notions. The color is right for it. Maybe it was our mood but we weren't having it.

I see figures walking away from one another, what do you see?

A preying mantess?

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Rusty said...

Rosie Huart: It's all so interesting how artists do this naming. Sometimes I think of a name first. I'll get excited about a name and then when I get around to painting, I've forgotten the name:)