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Friday, January 22, 2010

Amazement and Anquish

Price Original: $550 (Prints are available)
15”x 22"
Acrylic Ink on 140lb cold press paper

To quote Dante’s Inferno: “There is no greater anguish than in misery to remember the happy time.”
The majestic scene represents our glorious memories.
Misery, grief, torment can melt our majestic scenes.


Pattie Wall said...

Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower, Rusty! I think your choice of medium and subject of minerals are quite interesting!

Studio Sylvia said...

Hi Rusty. I like the dramatic and vibrant colour in this piece.

Rusty said...


Painting the minerals is one of the coolest subjects I have ever painted. They are always so different and always a challenge.

I really enjoyed looking through your blog. First, I love the name. Second, your portraits look so "honest".

I keep checking back!

Rusty said...


I love your hand painted papers on etsy! I wanted to touch them.

This painting in very dramatic. Who knew I could ever let the drama inside of me out....

LarryG said...

Dante was all over it baby!
Lovely painting!

Rusty said...


I am not surprised that Don Quixote is one of your favorite books. How perfect is that.