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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Newest Addition to My Art Collection

"Fallen Ralph"
Ray Shuell
I aquired this painting last week.
Ray is an artist in Hanc, deux Sevres, Poitou Charentes, France. Originally from Manchester, UK, now living and working in S.W. France as painter and art teacher.
For several months, I have been enjoying Ray's contributions to The Artist Challenge
I've become enchanted with "stripey pants" and other elements of his paintings that have the "stripey pants" influence.
This painting, "Fallen Ralph" found its way to touch my core.
I felt fortunate that it had not"yet been sold when I made my inquiry.
Ray says this of "Fallen Ralph", "Ralph is a lost soul, made to believe by others that he is less worthy in some way. He has no belief in himself and only dwells on what others say of him. He looks at his feet, almost saying to them, 'How did you get me here? This is not where I wish to be.' The wings being part of the landscape is crucial. There can be no escape as long as Ralph believes in his own heart that this is where he belongs! But the way is there, in his head, the way out. If he believes in himself, his feet will take him home."
"Fallen Ralph" will remind me of the power of our own beliefs whether they are for our benefit or detriment.
Due to Ray's generousity, I also own "Fallen Angel"
To see more of Ray's Work

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