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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daffodils Original Watercolor Painting by Rusty Harden

"Beauty in Imperfection"
12" x 9"

April usually brings daffodils, an early sign of spring. I have attempted to paint them many times and have always failed. It is the translucent nature of the petals that is so hard to maintain while capturing the light and dark contrast.

I loved the one with the torn trumpet and the way it reveals what is on the inside of the flower. Its like people, sometimes you can’t know what is in them until they are wounded.


LceeL said...

If you have failed to do them properly in the past, you've done wonderfully this time.

A truly glorious painting.

Rusty said...

Thank you, Lou. They have been such a challenge that I may not even sell this one. I may never be able to do it again.

BTW, its good to hear from you.