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Monday, January 24, 2011

"Convergence" Watercolor by Rusty Harden

When we dignify another person we elevate our own value to society.
Fallen Series
Rusty Harden

I call this painting "Convergence"  because of the way the stalks have fallen over crossing and coming together.  The lovely precious lily reminds me of my friend, Dorothy.   I painted this in the spring of 2010
a few months after Dorothy and I were in a serious accident.  She was badly injured and as is often the
case, she will never be the same.  I find that she is as beautiful "fallen" as ever.  The crossing stalks represent the intersection where the accident occurred. 

The "Fallen Series" is about meeting people where they are. 

The pink flower, known by some as Magic Lillies or Naked Ladies, grow in my flower beds.  In the spring the greenery grows but the single stalk with the lillies wait until mid summer to make their appearance.

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