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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Painting of Wildflowers "The Misfits"

The Misfits
11" x 91/2"
Just north of my home is a small town that has a farmer's market on
Saturday mornings. It folds up about noon. About 11:30, I walked past the
organic vegetable stands and then passed the local honey and
a few hopeful artists. At a particularly busy stand, people
were buying colorful bundles of fresh cut and wild flowers. As the wave of buyers
had walked on, I looked over the selection of about six or so bundles that were left.
Actually, I found I was more interested in the flowers and weeds that had been
left sitting behind the table. The girls looked a little bewildered
as I asked them to "grab me up a handful
of some those flowers back there"
(Meanwhile another wave of buyers were getting the rest of the already bundled flowers.) Walking away with the tall lanky coneflowers
with oddly shaped petals and a few weeds wrapped in paper and plastic,
I was already painting them in my head.


Gary Keimig said...

good choice Rusty. They came out as a beautiful watercolor. Great job.

cheryl said...

Such a delicate painting Rusty. I love Coneflowers. Their blooms brightens the garden but the best is their autumn garb. The whorls of the seed pod can entrance you and is a work of art in itself. Lovely !

Rusty said...

Thank you, Gary. It is a fun risk to paint beautiful imperfect flowers.

Rusty said...


I took several photos of coneflowers. I think I am going to paint more of them over the next several weeks. A few years ago it was poppies. I am intrigued with these lovely large flowers on the top of their thin stems. How do they do that?