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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bella Donna, Amazon Warrior Drawing

Bella Donna
5"x 7"
Prints Available $10.00
Inspired by my friend, whom I call Bella Donna. She is as poisonous as she is medicinal.
An Amazon Warrior at heart, she is honest and fiercely loyal.
These line drawings are in my Bibelot Gallery at www.abrushwithrusty.com.
Each begins as a non-objective line drawing. Sometimes the images emerge as I allow my mind to meander into the thoughts it chooses. Sometimes I ponder sayings, give into my moods or worries and the resulting drawings are powerful.


LceeL said...

How cool. An inimitable style, to say the very least - and strangely compelling.

Rusty said...

Thanks Lou, I'm glad to get back to my routine and have something viable to post again. I'll am compelled to draw these pieces, often.