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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How I benefit from on-line challenges (and how to be selective)

I have found that I am an artist who creates better with a purpose.  Like most creative processes, dry spells come and go.  Then there is always the "rut" syndrome.  I discovered  The Artist Challenge  about a year and a half ago.  Their biweekly thoughtful art themed challenges challenged both my creativity and time management.  I found myself among an international group of artists with something to say with the art work they create and post.  Being the number one online art challenge site among the search engines didn't hurt my feelings either.  The host, Ms. Vikki, keeps a tight ship protecting the site from spammers and scullywags.  She's generous in her effort, although there is a minimal fee for one of the two entries (one is always free), Ms. Vikki does not ask for a commission from my sales yet promotes all of the artists in many online venues.
A favorite annual promotion is coming up, the CBS Sunday Morning Sun Art Challenge.  The Sun Art submitted by this January 8 is submitted to CBS  for their Sun Art Library.  Several works of art from this challenge has been aired.

An off shoot to the Artist Challenge is the Inferno.  A challenge for writers.  I joined as soon as they offered it, I had not really tried my hand at writing but soon I found another creative outlet. I have a new passion for creating line drawing illustrations for my writings. I now post those entries as well as my other meanderings at Falling Amber Rain

There are lots of art challenge sites and online galleries.  Its something to wade through.  Before selecting one be sure that they are as protective of your copyright as you are,  you get the most exposure for your effort and dollars, and find a group that is all about the art and leaves the pettiness behind.  

I am currently looking at a monthly sketch book themed challenge  So far it looks like it meets my criteria,  I'll let you know soon.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Member with Alzheimer's Disease "Delicate Decay" by Rusty Harden

"Delicate Decay"
Fallen Series
7" x 10"
Rusty Harden

This is a painting  about my mother-in-law who has Alzheimer's Disease.
She is the lovely rhododendron blossom which has dropped from the bush.
Her fragile and subtle physical changes that she accepts with dignity and
grace.  The leaves and mulch on which she rests  represent her lost memories
in their various stages. 

I am not always sure if time is her friend or her enemy.  We do all that we can
to give her peace and happiness in the moment.  It is the only gift that matters, now.
I find myself more drawn to this painting than ever...perhaps because I finally realize how
much we want to be remembered by those we love.

I have decided to have professional art prints made of this painting.  It is a lovely tribute to those we lose
before they are gone.

If you would like to order one contact me.  They are $45.00 (profressional mat included).